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CLARUS Technology

CLARUS® Technology do Brasil is a company firmly committed to the development of exclusive ecofriendly and high technology products, offering greater quality to the consumer while preserving the environment, with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications. With the aid of advanced technologies, the company has products that show significant advantages in performance and security, when compared with conventional products.

CLARUS® Technology do Brasil since 1999 aimed to become the largest company in Brazil in the segment of ecological chemical products. It counts on a Board of Directors boasting more than 35 years of experience in the chemical area, and skilled professionals that are able to meet the needs of the clients.

CLARUS® Technology produces several chemical compounds as replacements for aggressive supplies and also products for the so-called "Green Buildings", the development of the civil construction. For the clients of the food and pharmaceutical segments, CLARUS® Technology has met the need for productive supplies (direct or otherwise) that do not contaminate the products.


Visit the website: clarus.ind.br

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